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Roadside Assistance


NRMA roadside assistance has been helping NSW and ACT motorists for over 80 years. Our fleet of over 500 patrol vans is on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year to help our Members.

Need Roadside assistance now?
Call 13 11 11

Please have ready:

  • Vehicle registration 
  • Member or road service card 
  • Make and model of your vehicle 
  • Location of your vehicle, with suburb, street and cross street

Stay safe while you wait

Membership with NRMA Motoring & Services means HELP is just a phone call away if you breakdown. But there are precautions you should take - during the day or night, regardless of your age - to help you stay safe until the NRMA patrol arrives.

If your car breaks down in traffic:

  • Get your car as far from the traffic as possible or into a breakdown lane/curb lane if on a highway/freeway 
  • Don't push the car if you're alone - it may become uncontrollable. Put on your hazard and parking lights to increase your car's visibility. 
  • Get out of the car - wait away from it well off the road and behind guard rails (if provided). 
  • If in heavy traffic or a dark area, be careful moving around outside the car 
  • Wait under some shade if it's hot 
  • Make yourself visible in the dark or wait in a well-lit area 
  • Use your mobile phone/freeway emergency phone to call NRMA


If your car breaks down in an isolated area at night:

  • Put hazard and parking lights on to increase your car's visibility. Lock all doors. 
  • Keep your mobile phone handy and switched on. Stay in your car until you're sure the NRMA Patrol has arrived. 
  • If approached by an unknown person, stay in your vehicle with the doors locked. Wind your window down slightly, but not far enough for them to reach in. 
  • If you're concerned or frightened by their presence, activate your horm while switching your headlights on and off. Call the police on 000.

*These tips are intended as a guide only. Other precautions not mentioned may also assist in personal safety. This list may not include every possible precaution required.